Django Knowledge has its own series of custom settings you can use to tweak its operation. As with normal Django settings, these go in, or a variant thereof.


Default False. If True, users who are not logged in can ask questions. If False only registered and logged in users can ask questions.


Default False. If True users that are not authenticated are redirected to LOGIN_URL.


Default False. If True, answered questions are automatically published. If False, staff must manually publish questions after answering.


Default True. If True, any user (respecting KNOWLEDGE_ALLOW_ANONYMOUS) can respond to any question. If False, only staff or original poster may respond.


Default True. If True, the URL for a question will have the slug from its title appended to the end and incorrect or missing slugs will result in a 301 redirect. If False, the slug is ommitted.


Default False. If True, we’ll send a signal to the function defined in KNOWLEDGE_ALERTS_FUNCTION_PATH and outlined in Alerts. If False we will not.


Default knowledge.signals.send_alerts. This should be the path to a function as defined in Alerts. Depends on KNOWLEDGE_ALERTS to be active.